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Working Together to put Keller ISD Students First

Taking a stand for Excellence in Education and Transparency in Leadership.


We Believe

Keller ISD Family Alliance believes that no matter their background, every student deserves an academically challenging, excellent education. 

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A District At a Crossroads

Keller ISD is a destination district for many families because of its exceptional education and extracurricular programs. However, over the last several years KISD has faced several challenges including declines in academic progress, lack of services for students, divisive education policies, budget deficits, and decline in local control. These challenges hamper the education of our youth and to fix them will require bold action. This means Keller ISD needs leadership on both the School Board and in the Administration to tackle these issues head on so that our District continues to be intentionally exceptional.

How can we make this happen? First, tell your friends and family about Keller ISD Family Alliance; Second, get involved in your school; Third, donate to organizations like Keller ISD Family Alliance; and Fourth, support like minded candidates for school board and other municipal positions.


Keller ISD Challenge Committees - Built to Fail?

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